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We are pioneer mushroom cultivators in Nigeria who collect, identify, grow and market indigenous mushrooms. Species of mushrooms grown in LTV Farm are oyster such as Pleurotus ostreatus var. florida, Pleurotus squarrosulus, Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus sajo caju. We also sell spawn (mushroom seed) and fully ramified spawned substrate bags ready for fruiting and medicinal mushrooms especially Ganoderma species. The efforts that led to cultivating mushrooms started from the passion to pick mushrooms to finding out their values; nutritional and medicinal attributes in the laboratory, so extensive research led to LTV mushrooms. LTV Gano has proven effective against fibroid, breast cancer cells and other health issues. LTC farm is trying hard to develop very good Ganoderma products for easy use.

Nigeria has a climate that favours the natural growth of mushrooms yet most of Nigeria’s mushroom diversities are found in the wild because mushroom cultivation in Nigeria is still in its infancy. They are natural gifts found in our environment which have not been adequately tapped. LTV farm is contributing hugely to growth of the industry.


Making health foods and herbals available to all


To create awareness about ‘health foods’, provide mushrooms for local and international markets and train people in mushroom cultivation, processing and develop mushroom farms for interested farmers.

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Lauretta Nwanneka OFODILE - PhD

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Chiemerie F. Nwaeche

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